Going Deeper

Imagine dedicating 90 transformative minutes to your own growth and spiritual well-being—that's precisely what this session offers. 

It's more than just a deep dive into life coaching or spiritual mentoring; it's an intimate consultation with your higher purpose. In this personalized sanctuary, we tune in to listen to what God is trying to tell you, unearthing the obstacles that may be stalling your heart's true desires.

The focus is on letting go of what hinders you, so that you can claim the freedom you deserve and wholeheartedly move towards a life filled with greater fulfillment and peace. What sets this session apart is the powerful integration work through Tapping in the final segment. It's a holistic experience that combines spiritual insight with actionable techniques, designed to harmonize your emotional, mental, and spiritual states.

So, come prepared to break through, find freedom, and take confident steps forward in your life journey. This is your time for transformation and true integration. Are you ready?

The Inclusions: 

  • 1 x 90 Minute Session Via Zoom


$149.00 USD