Meet Lori

Welcome! I'm Lori, a spiritual mentor and life coach committed to guiding you toward a life enriched with peace, love and joy. Rooted in a profound calling to "set the captives free" my mission is to help you deepen your relationship with God, connecting you back to your true self and the divine path intended for you. 

A bit more about me

After 41 years rewarding years as a nurse, my path led me to become a life coach and spiritual mentor, driven by a significant personal transformation.

Learning to release life's hinderances,  I now live with more joy and freedom than ever before. It's my passion to share this love and wisdom with you, guiding you to a more peaceful and fulfilling life. 


A Sacred Space for Growth and Connection

In the spaces I create, you're invited to pause and bring your whole self - every part of your journey is welcome here.
Together we'll explore and dismantle the obstacles that stand in the way of your freedom and fulfillment. My deepest hope is for you to experience the liberation and peace that come from aligning your heart to yourself and God.